Affordable plans that will “buff” your RPG game




Starter plan

Chat, 3D Dice, Character Sheets and other essential RPG tools

Access and creation of plugins

Create 1 virtual room

1 status bar for players in your room

Automatic formatting of texts, narrations, actions and thoughts

Limited use of the combat grid

Voice conference / Voip

1 real-time voice effect for voip: Mecha Goliath



12 months U$ 13.25

1 month U$ 2.65

Recommended for players

All features of the Silver Plan

Unlimited number of virtual rooms

Be in more than one room at a time

3D dice texture customization

4 status bars and 2 digitable lines for players in your room

Combat grid with support for drawings, dynamic lights, fog of war and more

Room library organization in folders

Firedrive - 600mb of space for uploading files to the cloud

Create your own macros / command shortcuts

Access to advanced SDK3 plug-ins

Private group conversations

+2 real-time voice effects for voip: "Pitch shift" and "robotic voice".

Music and sound streaming in your VTTRPG


12 months U$ 15.30

1 month U$ 3.49

Recommended for GMs

All features of the Gold plan

In your rooms, Silver players can use macros

In your rooms, Silver players can access advanced SDK3 plug-ins


First Year U$ 69.97

Renewal U$ 23.00

Recommended for the awesome

All features of the Platinum Plan

Firedrive - Increased storage size (1200 MB)

Covers - Exclusive background images, your special mark

Discover users fake accounts

Extra details at user ranking info

Individual customization of 3D dice textures

+3 real-time voice effects for voip: Demon, Dragon and Cyborg Commander